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What are Ovaries?

The ovaries are paired, almond-shaped, female-reproductive glands, which sit on either side of the uterus (the hollow, pear-shaped organ that accommodates the growing fetus) and held in position by supporting ligaments.

 anatomy of ovary and fallopin tube

The main functions of the ovaries include the production of the eggs for reproduction and secretion of the female sex hormones (estrogen and progesterone). The ovaries are made up of mainly 3 types of cells: epithelial cells (that cover the surface of the ovaries), germ cells (that produce the egg/ova), and stromal cells (that provide structural support to the ovary and produce female sex hormones). Each of these cells can develop into one or more types of cancer.

What are the Types of Ovarian Cancer?

ovarian cancer types
Ovarian Cancer Types

Epithelial ovarian cancers

These are the most commonly encountered (about 90% of all cases) ovarian cancers. Epithelial ovarian cancers are further divided into following subtypes based on their histology (appearance under a microscope):

  • serous
  • endometrioid
  • mucinous, and
  • clear cell.

Primary peritoneal cancers and fallopian tube cancers are very much similar to ovarian epithelial cancers and are generally managed via similar treatment approach.

Germ cell ovarian tumors

These constitute about less than 5% of all ovarian cancers.

They are further classified into following subtypes based on the type of cells involved:

  • teratomas,
  • dysgerminomas,
  • endodermal sinus (yolk sac) tumors,
  • choriocarcinomas, and
  • embryonal tumors.

They generally occur as a mix of these subtypes.

Ovarian (or sex chord) stromal tumors

These constitute about less than 7% of all ovarian cancers. They are further classified into following subtypes based on the type of cells involved and type of treatment approach usually followed for such tumors: granulosa cell tumor (most common), Sertoli-Leydig cell tumor, thecoma, fibroma, and fibrosarcoma.

Best Ovarian Cancer Specialist in Delhi

Dr Sunny Garg is a renowned Medical Oncologist in New Delhi with an experience of around 10 years of treating ovarian cancer patients. He has treated ovarian cancer patients with Chemotherapy, Targeted Therapy and Personalized Cancer Treatment. He is currently practicing at Manipal Hospital, Dwarka.

Diagnostic modalities available at our hospital include Ultrasound and CT guided biopsy, CA-125, AFP, beta HCG, LDH, Inhibin, Transvaginal Ultrasound, Whole Body PET CT, etc. Other treatment facilities for Ovary Cancer available are Primary Cytoreducative Surgery, Interval Debulking Surgery, Secondary Cytoreductive Surgery, Radiation Therapy, etc.

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