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What are the Signs and Symptoms of Lymphoma?

lymphoma-symptoms-and signs Lymphoma may present with one or more of the following symptoms, or other specific symptoms depending upon the site of involvement-

  • Painless swelling of lymph nodes
  • Enlarged spleen and/or liver.
  • B Symptoms
  • Fatigue and weakness
  • Loss of appetite
  • Cough or chest pain
  • Swelling in abdomen.
  • Itching and other skin involvement signs

What is the Ann Arbor Staging System for Lymphoma?

Ann-Arbor-staging-of-lymphoma ¨Stage I:   Involvement of single lymph node region or lymphoid structure ¨Stage II:  Involvement of two or more lymph node   regions on same side of diaphragm ¨Stage III:  Involvement of lymph node regions or   structures on both sides of diaphragm ¨Stage IV:  involvement of extranodal site(s)

Best Lymphoma Specialist in Delhi

Dr Sunny Garg is a renowned Medical Oncologist in New Delhi with an experience of around 10 years of treating lymphoma patients. He has treated lymphoma patients with Chemotherapy, Targeted Therapy and Immunotherapy. He is currently practicing at Manipal Hospital, Dwarka.

Diagnostic modalities available at our hospital include Excisional Lymph Node Biopsy, CT Guided Biopsy, Immunohistochemistry, Genetic and Molecular Testing, Whole Body PET CT, etc. Other treatment facilities for Lymphoma available are Radiation Therapy, Palliative Care etc.

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